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London Souvenirs

This series introduces our new luxury signature Art Souvenir range of famous capital cities. London is depicted in our large 1 layered tourist puzzles called ‘A Trip Up The Thames By Day’ and ‘A Trip Up The Thames By Night’.  These 2 puzzles, which form a pair, epitomise the quintessential colours and feelings of London. This is a 21st century take on London showing our iconic skyline in the glorious changing colours of day and night.

Available for bespoke in different sizes and for different cities around the world. Please call Melanie on +447508102625.

We also have 2 devilishly hard trick puzzles of iconic transport and city vehicles seen around London.

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City Vehicles
Model: 23
This 5 layered 5piece puzzle is a real teaser. See how fast you can do it! Extra cutting lines have ..
Ex Tax: £12.50
London Transport
Model: 35
Enjoy the iconic transport vehicles that make London’s streets so distinctive. This is a 5 layered, ..
Ex Tax: £15.00