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Early Learning

Early Learning puzzles encourage: Recognition of family pets, griping, hand dexterity, placing ,hand and eye co-ordination, opposites and diminishing size. Shape recognition.




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Atlantic Puffin Endangered Animal
Model: 67
Atlantic Puffin Endangered Animal A colourful, excellent swimmer. They use their wings to swim under..
Ex Tax: £14.00
Australian Fauna
Model: 63
5 piece puzzle featuring popular Australian animals. Red Kangaroo; Platypus; Koala; Kookaburra and H..
Ex Tax: £16.67
Cadair Cats
Model: 59
Cadair is a beautiful little pussy cat who was found on the foothills of Cadair Idris in Snowdonia, ..
Ex Tax: £14.00
Cat Pets
Model: 45
A happy cat. It is our duty to love and care for our cats. 4 pieces.   Cat Puzzle will hel..
Ex Tax: £13.50
Chinese Pangolin Critically Endangered Animal
Model: 48
The Chinese Pangolin is a beautiful creature that is being hunted to near extinction. They curl up w..
Ex Tax: £14.00
Dog Pets
Model: 64
Dog Pets A man’s best friend. Dogs love us unconditionally. We made them apart of our lives and we m..
Ex Tax: £13.50
European Hedgehog Endangered Animal
Model: 68
 Animal in the UK Covered in spines and mostly coming out at night. Hibernates over winter and ..
Ex Tax: £14.00
Fish Pets
Model: 69
Fish Pets A very tranquil friend and a good pet. We must always love and care for our pets. This ..
Ex Tax: £13.50
Fritz Katze Cats
Model: 61
Fritz loves sitting on the window sill looking over at the castle at Harburg in Bavaria, Germany. ..
Ex Tax: £13.50
Hawksbill Turtles Endangered Animal
Model: 66
Hawksbill turtles swim in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. They travel long distances and n..
Ex Tax: £15.00
Miro Gato Cats
Model: 62
Miro Gato Cats Miro is a Spanish cat who lives in the Catalan town of Barcelona. He loves to be stro..
Ex Tax: £13.50
My Chunky Pets
Model: 33
Pets is chunky and a unique and  beautiful precision laser cut  wooden  puzzle. It is..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Rabbit Pets
Model: 46
Rabbits can make great pets but are sociable animals and must not live on their own  This pu..
Ex Tax: £13.50
Mango The Tom Cat
Model: 31
Mango The Tom Cat is based on some of the ornaments on my window sill that I see every day. Large pi..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Albert The German Shepherd
Model: 32
Albert The German Shepherd is similar to Mango The Tom Cat in style, pieces and sentiment. My step f..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Buzz The Cockapoo
Model: 24
Buzz The Cockapoo is a unique and  beautiful precision laser cut two layer wooden puzzle for yo..
Ex Tax: £14.17
Ruby The Cockapoo
Model: 29
Ruby The Cockapoo is the partner of Buzz except she is in black and white. Opposites are played out ..
Ex Tax: £8.33
Puzzle Stand
Model: 600
Ex Tax: £4.17
Opposite Cats
Model: 18
Opposite Cats  is a unique and  beautiful precision laser cut  two layer wooden puzzl..
Ex Tax: £14.17
Coloured Cats
Model: 19
Opposite Cats  is a unique and  beautiful precision laser cut  two layer wooden puzzl..
Ex Tax: £14.17