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Our Story

Fox Puzzles of London are unique. Our mosaic wooden puzzles are unlike any other puzzle!   Our strapline is "We are not mass produced and you will not find us everywhere" only in places where quality stands out. 

What makes our mosaic wooden puzzles unique? The mosaic wooden puzzles  are  laser cut and handcrafted from the paintings and designs of Melanie Ann Juliette. Melanie's inspiration comes from  her life's experiences  and looking out from her  windows in her purpose build art studio that overlooks her garden, located in Kent England.  Inspiration is also drawn from her  travels around the world and not copied from a carton or computer image from behind a desk in an office.

Melanie’s hand drawings are converted into AI files and used on a CAD laser.  Keith to makes  a prototype mosaic puzzle in his workshop, to ensure every mosaic puzzle piece meets the strict safety and quality standards necessary for a premimum product.  

When Keith and Melanie are 100% satisfied, the prototype with Melanie’s unique colour scheme is then passed to our wood artisans to make the mosaic puzzle from the highest quality bass plywood and natural dies.  Every mosaic puzzle undergoes a final quality inspection before they are sent to the customer. 

Our beautiful and dynamic mosaic puzzles allow children, adults and families to enter a vivid world where life’s wonders are portrayed with rhythmic imagination, dazzling colours and individual shapes for everyone to enjoy.

Fox Puzzles of London's mosaic puzzles can be universally enjoyed, providing hours of entertainment and passed on to generations to come.

Let your ideas and marketing opportunities be realised with a  personal bespoke mosaic puzzle. Your story can come alive with every piece that you put in place.


Melanie Ann Juliette  - Artist Artistic Director and Co-owner

I studied printed and textile surface pattern design at London’s world famous  art schools, St Martin’s School of Art and Design and Central School of Art and Design.

It is my natural eye for colour and shape; my love of nature, history and culture that make my mosaic puzzles unique and come alive.

Moto: “The rhythm of my life dances with colour and shape.”


Keith Ridgeway
Managing Director

I am a process manufacturing and product innovator, multi-toy award winner and two times environmental green apple award winner 2004 & 2005. I was born and educated in Swansea, South Wales and served in the Royal Air Force for 17 years.

Moto: “Only give your best- nothing else will do.”